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St. Teresa's Nursery School, Belfast


2nd Apr 2020

Make it as big as you can afford to use, bearing in mind they’ll want that den up for some time, and pop down a play-mat or similar for added indoor fun. Crucial. Ideally, use a few chairs of differing heights. Physics qualifications help here, as you need to get just the right distances apart to make a good size den, without the roof collapsing, or pegs shooting off if too tight. You’ll find it will keep flopping and flapping about as you drag chairs and try to fix it. I’d recommend using pegs, so hoping your chairs will accommodate them. Yes, the pegs will ping right off when your child starts tugging on the blanket, but it’s all part of the experience. If you also have a play-tent, now’s the time to maximise it and add an extension to the den. It becomes a two room affair then! Happy building 🎪