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St. Teresa's Nursery School, Belfast

Parent Information

20th Jun 2020

Thank you for your continued support over the past few months. The work you have done has been outstanding.

From Friday 19 June 2020, teachers will cease to post additional work on Evidence Me and website to allow staff to plan and prepare for the new term, and the new way of working within the new normal. However, your child is still welcome to continue submitting work until the 29th June 2020, and on Wednesday 24th June, we will be having our special Leavers Graduation Event.  This will also be an opportunity for parents to collect their child’s Transition Report.  We wish all our Butterflies continued success as they progress on their educational journey.

To our new parents, as you know, the Education Minister has informed Principals that he has established an Education Restart Programme, to address the phased reopening of schools.  This programme is to consider the following:

Physical protection of staff and pupils

Well-being of staff and pupils

Vulnerable learners and SEN services

Standards and learning

As Principal, it is my aim is to ensure that St. Teresa’s Nursery can start in a safe and effective way. This means that the normal school day that we are all familiar with, will for an indefinite period, have to change and be replaced with some or all of the following:

Staggered starting time/ flexible timetable

Blended learning

Enhanced remote learning provision

We have been working to plan and prepare for the year ahead, preparing the school building, adopting curriculum plans to ensure that the learning experience of your child is neither hindered nor delayed. We are working to provide a new normal school timetable but this may change depending on information provided by the government, which is changing rapidly. It is our intention to adopt a blended learning approach of two days in school and three days home learning but this will depend on any changes made by Peter Weir in the weeks ahead.  There may also be a mixed economy of provision if a child has additional needs.

Every school is trying to work to the same agenda but you can appreciate that there is no one fit all solution, as every school is different.

What we do know is that remote learning /home schooling will continue for the foreseeable future and this must be part of your child’s daily routine. To this end, we will be sending you an invitation to join Evidence Me by email.  This will allow you to access home learning and upload your child’s work done at home.

I appreciate that as a parent you need information to plan ahead. However, as I have already stated, be prepared for a return to school date in August. Please continue to check our Facebook and Twitter sites for information and updates, start dates and open day information will be emailed to you.  If you are not receiving emails, please contact school to update your email or check your junk mail.

Thank you for your continued support.

Clare Evans