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St. Teresa's Nursery School, Belfast

'Until We Meet Again' - by Miss Toner - as requested x

19th May 2020

All our little butterflies have flown off too soon,

We wish they could have stayed, until the end of June.
How empty our nursery is, just not how it should be,
No laughter to be heard, or smiling faces to see.

But it's our job to keep them safe, so that's what we will do,
Things will be different for a time, but memories we hold true.
The months we shared together, learning and having fun,
We will remember fondly for a long time to come.

Our world is going through an uncertain phase,
Everyone unsure and can see no light in this haze.
But brighter days are sure to come we won't give up hope,
With love and prayer within our homes we'll find a way to cope.

In the days and weeks ahead, be thankful for what we've got,
Although the children will miss nursery and their friends a lot
Family time, its precious, but missing those who can't be near,
Staying positive and thinking ahead to a time where there's no fear.

We miss you all so much already our little butterflies,
We left our classes saddened and with tears in our eyes.
Let's hope our nursery will soon be filled with learning, fun and laughter
The way it should be, in our dreams and our happily ever after.

Stay safe everyone


Mrs Evans, Mrs McGuinness, Miss Toner, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Craig, Miss Crone, Miss Carson, Miss Magill


A heartfelt poem written by our talented poet in residence Miss Toner