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St. Teresa's Nursery School, Belfast


2019/2020 School Year

17th Jun 2020 - Click link to find out drop off points Last year,...
17th Jun 2020
Opposites Song Play an opposites game. For example an adult could say ' I sleep at...
16th Jun 2020
Big Bear Small Mouse  This week we are going to look at opposites. Why...
16th Jun 2020
Have fun singing these songs for your Daddy on Father's Day. 
15th Jun 2020
Here is a fun way to develop children’s recall and memory skills. Have a go...
13th Jun 2020
Finger isolation is an important stage in the development of grasp.  It is the...
13th Jun 2020
12th Jun 2020
What other colours of crab could you make? Could you make a crab out of anything...
11th Jun 2020
Shape Song What shapes can you see? Can you recognise and name all the shapes?
10th Jun 2020